Now that the Verizon Galaxy Nexus has been released, the next big question on everyone’s mind is when Ice Cream Sandwich is going to be rolling out to other devices. The current version being worked on is Android 4.0.3 and it appears that it is going to be available before the January dates that were previously put out by Google. The waiting game may be getting close to being over for all those Android device owners who really want to put the latest version of the Android OS onto their device. Ever since Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) was announced, people started asking when they could get a version for their device.

There are more posts of people taking a build of ICS and porting it to other devices, though they are unofficial releases, they are just the same running on those devices. There are official releases of Android 4 for the Nexus S which Google announced last week and was available Over The Air (OTA) for people to take advantage. This was for the GSM Nexus S phones, so that means that those using the Sprint Nexus S are going to wait longer, but it should not be very long now.

For some other devices, it seems that Google has not provided official information as to when things would be released, but work continues by developers to try and roll things out earlier than Google is willing to do. Another one that has been provided as an unofficial version is for the Motorola Xoom (WiFi version only) and we are providing a video showing ICE Cream Sandwich on the Xoom.

Google has posted all the source code for Android 4.0.3 on the Android Open Source Project making it available for all to access. That includes manufacturers and with that, it could be next week when more official versions Android 4.0.3 are to be released prior to the January date previously stated. Ice Cream Sandwich is a much sought after update by owners. The number of mobile devices which will be receiving ICS is only going to be limited by hardware as unofficial version are popping up from developers. These are going to continue until there are official versions for each mobile device.

Ice Cream Sandwich looks like it is going to be a great OS and may help in addressing the fragmentation issues that have been talked about.

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