When the iPhone was released, a curious item in the presentation was the standby time that was shown which was set at 200 minutes as opposed to 300 minutes for the iPhone 4. While they glossed over the difference, there appears to be issues with the standby time on a select number of iPhone 4S handsets where it is draining the batteries much faster than they was estimated. It does not look to be a wide spread problem, but Apple engineers have taken to contacting some of those who are posting their problem as reported by The Guardian today. Apple may be working to try and get this resolved as quickly as possible so that it does not turn into BatteryGate for them as they do not need to have these kinds of problems as they are continuing to roll the iPhone out around the globe.

In the article, they talk about one user’s experience of being contacted by Apple engineers after putting up a post and the engineer “admitted this was an issue (and that they aren’t close to finding a fix!)”. That is not very good news and not exactly what folks who are experiencing these kinds of problems want to here. Apple already has something that they can install on your iPhone 4S which will collect information about what is going on with the phone in an effort to find a fix to the problem. Thus far, Apple is finding multiple potential culprits for the problem, but they are still working on it.

There are a number of forum posting on this and below is a sampling of a few of them for your reference. Apple Forums is not the only place that this information is being posted and it appears that it is growing. Whether it is because of Siri, or corrupted contact list or some other problem is still being worked on to get it resolved. If it is software related and easily fixed, this will go away very quickly for Apple with an update to the iOS 5 version.

It seems that some sites are taking polls on the battery life and TiPd is talking one and with 8,319 responders right now, they have 46% (3,828) who are saying that the battery life is worse on the iPhone 4S than on the iPhone 4. This is a pretty unscientific poll and there may be a number who are just saying it is a little worse as compared to those who are having extremely poor battery life. Hopefully, Apple can get this resolved quickly.

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