One of the best features of an Android phone is the Android Market, a virtual marketplace filled with helpful and fun applications and games that can be downloaded directly to your phone. If you are planning to embark on a road trip or are a frequent traveler by car, there are a number of applications available on the Android Market for free that will make your trip easier and more entertaining. Here are the best applications to download for your road trip at no cost.

“GasBuddy” is a free application that uses GPS to locate where you are and compare gas prices at stations in your immediate area. With “GasBuddy” you can find the cheapest place to stop for gas on your road trip within seconds. You also get points for reporting gas prices which can be used to enter a weekly contest for free gas.

“Google Maps”

“Google Maps” is a GPS application that is free for Android phones. With “Google Maps” you can use the GPS system to walk you through your route or find restaurants, hotels or attractions along the road.


“Yelp” is an application that takes reviews off of and makes them easy to access from your Android phone. With the “Yelp” application, you can see reviews for restaurants, hotels and attractions in order to decide where to eat, stay or play.

“AAA Roadside”

Created for AAA members, “AAA Roadside” is an application for Android that allows you to request roadside service in the event of a breakdown without having to wait on the phone. AAA can then use the GPS of your phone to find your exact location. With this app, you can also find nearby AAA repair shops, offices and discount providers.

“Beat the Traffic”

This free app is a must have when road tripping through metropolitan areas. “Beat the Traffic” analyzes real time traffic and construction reports to find the fastest route to your destination. This way you can avoid getting stuck in traffic and wasting gas and time on your road trip.

“TripIt- Travel Organizer”

The “TripIt- Travel Organizer” application allows you to build your itinerary, store your confirmation emails and set a timeline and reminders for your trip. With “TripIt- Travel Organizer” you can easily view confirmations for hotel bookings and attraction tickets without having to print them out on your computer.

“Akinator Lite”

Whether traveling with adults or children, “Akinator Lite” is a fun app that will provide hours of entertainment on the road. The application asks you to think of a character, fictional or real, and will ask you a series of yes or no questions about the life of your character. The app is able to use process of elimination to guess your character correctly most of the time, and it is fun and challenging trying to stump the application. The Lite version of the application is free on the Android Market but limits you to 100 games per day.

“Pandora Radio”

If you have an Aux hookup in your car to play music from your phone, “Pandora Radio” is a must-have app for long trips on the road. “Pandora Radio” allows you to create channels for all of your favorite music artists and will play music it thinks you will like based on the artists you create channels for. “Pandora Radio” provides you with hours of free music on the road while introducing you to new songs and artists.

“Little Photo”

“Little Photo” is a photo editing application that allows you to select a wide variety of filters to edit pictures taken on your Android phone. “Little Photo” is easy to navigate and extremely user-friendly. Add one filter or experiment with multiple to edit your photos as desired. With “Little Photo” you can easily add effects to the pictures you take on your vacation and share them directly to sites like Facebook and Tumblr.

“The Weather Channel”

“The Weather Channel” application will allow you to stay up to date on weather forecasts along your road trip route. With this app, you will know whether to expect storms or other bad weather as you drive and can check the forecast for your entire stay at your destination.


As you drive on your road trip, you may hear songs on the radio that you like but have never heard before. With the “Shazam” application, hold your phone up to the speaker and within seconds the app will use sound recognition to tell you the artist and title of the song.

“Trip Advisor”

Similar to the “Yelp” application, “Trip Advisor” combines reviews of attractions and hotels to help you choose the best ones on your road trip. With “Trip Advisor” you can check prices and reviews of attractions on your road trip route and upload your own pictures and reviews to share with other travelers.

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