Team Building Articles and Books…. Recommended Reading

Team building articles and books have helped me through several leadership challenges.

If you’re after inspiration or information about teams in the workplace, I hope you find something useful in my (still growing) collection. I also suggest you check out this great-value ebook I’ve found about building teams and teamwork.

As a busy manager, I know how hard it can be to find time to read.

So here’s my promise to you …

Each of the articles below has been selected personally by me to provide useful perspectives on team building. As I find something during my research that I think would be of value to you, my reader, I’ll add it.

In some cases, I’ve written the articles myself, but usually I draw on team building experts.

As for the leadership and team building books you’ll find mentioned on this site; I’ve either read them myself or they have been recommended by site visitors.

[If you’ve read a great book about teams and teamwork, I’d love you to share what you learnt from it. Send me a note via my Contact page ]