Cool Team Names – Let’s Create the Best Team Names List on the Web!

Check out these ideas for cool team names! Plus, you can share your team story and your fun, creative or amusing team names with other visitors.

Two very popular pages on my website are the ones about:

  • Choosing a Team Name, and
  • How to come up with Creative Team Names.
Obviously, I’m not the only one thatgoes blank if
I’m asked for team name suggestions for events
or other occasions!

So I thought I’d ask you, my visitors, to share your ideas for cool, creative and amusing team names. Together we can create a good team names list … maybe the best list on the internet.


To get things started, I’ve created some lists of ideas for team names for:

  • bowling,
  • volleyball,
  • soccer,
  • a charity run, walk or marathon,
  • paintball and
  • heaps more cool sports team names.

For work teams, there are lists of corporate team names, and business team names organised by workgroup.

More general ideas can be found in these lists of:

  • funny team names about drinking,
  • one-word team name suggestions and
  • alphabetical team name ideas.

For something a bit different, you might want to check out our ideas for using NFL, NBA, soccer and other major league team names to make your own team names quiz.

More Names Submitted by Visitors


Loan Sharks (Softball team)  A name submitted by a Loan Servicing company for their softball team.

Alleycatz (Bowling team)

Fifty Shades of Play (Volleyball)  The name of a Ladies B Volleyball team

Team Phoenix (submitted by Angela, Lilbourn, MO) who said her team is a group of independent business owners who are starting basically a new life much like the mythical bird, the phoenix.

Alleycoholics (Bowling) – submitted by Jimmy of Moreno Valley ‘ because we like to drink and bowl’

LandSharks (submitted by Mia)
Crusaders – technocrat database team (submitted by Aditya)
Angry Comets – cricket (submitted by Akshay)
Kinetics – soccer (submitted by Shamal)
Green Team (submitted by Jana)

Bev submitted her team name ‘Walk of Love’ for a kidney walk … Just a family supporting our grand daughter who had to have her kidney removed when she was 18 months old.

Mighty Tigers – cricket team in Kerala premium league (Jaisu)
Holy Rollers – bowling (DT, Texas … ‘this name speaks for itself’)
Thunder Bunnies – girls fastpitch (‘funny and cute’)
Sweet Honey Ice Tea(SHIT) – volleyball (submitted by Destiny)

Pudge Factor – flag football team – ‘That may throw opponents off gaurd. This name gives the illusion on paper that we are out of shape when in fact it’s quite the opposite’

Red Fox (submitted by Furquan)
Roblox Empire – Army
BlackBerry Boys and BlackBerry Warriros (Cricket Teams)