Thumbs up: Killer looks, brilliant screen and resolution, satisfactory camera features, decent video playing quality.

Thumbs down: Disappointing battery life, dual screen UI not used much.

Inside the trunk:

Features: TFT capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors / Photo Geo-tagging, face, smile and blink detection / Dolby Mobile sound enhancement / Downloadable polyphonic ringtones / Gesture controls / Proximity sensor for auto turn-off / Multi-touch input method / Accelerometer sensor for UI auto-rotate / Schneider-Kreuznach optics.

THE WHIZ-KID SPEAKS: The latest one from LG under the Black line collection is definitely a show stealer to say the least. No surprise for guessing that this one again is aimed at the Fashionista out there. But along with the high glam quotient comes a highly irresistible feature set. Basically this one is for the user who loves to admire the looks of the phone than probably using it much.

It could be called the pioneer in the world of cinematic screens. It comes loaded with a full 21:9 screen which is definitely a plus point for all the people who love to watch their movies on the move.

It’s got a vibrant red metal and black look to it, which by far is my favourite combination. I mean who wouldn’t love a red and a black combination?? Anyways on the top of the chassis is a 3.5 jack for the headphone along with the lock/power key. The right side houses a wave like volume rocker along stylistic camera key.

What’s surprising here is the absence of the touch sensitive keys in the front. Basically the front side just has the huge screen and a video camera along with LG logo and a speaker. The rear also doesn’t have much of embellishments except for the camera lens and the LG logo giving it a highly classy feel. Though this one is quite a long phone and could easily compete for the title of the longest phone, this one comfortably fits into the male pocket.

One of the reasons I don’t appreciate LG much is the fact that the Interfacing that it uses is highly disappointing. But it looks like LG is trying hard to work on that with the launch of this one. It has the same S-class UI but this one is far more responsive compared to the Crystal and the Arena. The responsiveness of this one is highly innate and it hardly just required me to swipe my finger upward to unlock the phone. The wipeability feature of the chocolate is highly impressive. It also has something called as the gesture unlocking. Which means that you just have to jot in a gesture for a particular application and voila… the application is open right in front of you. Like for instance if you want to open the messaging application all you need to do is probably put in an ‘M’ and there the application opens up.

Coming to the most impressive feature that this one has to offer… the 800×345 resolution screen which in the words of LG is ‘true’VGA. Whatever it is, it is truly breath taking. What always gets me thinking is the fact that why doesn’t LG use OLED screens for its phone. But this one could make anyone mistake it for an OLED screen. The images are just so animated and lively, the colours are just so deep, the contrast is just so perfect… I could go on and on about the awesome display quality, to sum it up its just FANTABULOUS.

Keeping the phone size in mind I kind of expected the call quality to be pretty much decent and this one surely lived up to my expectations. Hardly any static or interference, some hint of background voice at times, but on the whole the quality is nice. Also at the callers end they hardly had any problems as such. The video calling doesn’t have anything much enticing to offer except for the clear detailed videos of yourself and the person on the other line, but the voice quality on the speakerphone is nothing great to talk much about.

I would recommend using the phone in the landscape mode for a better messaging experience. What is unsatisfactory here in this case is the fact that you can just see one line of the text that your typing on the screen. I totally understand that this one has a slim screen but then again it wouldn’t hurt much if I could see more of my scribblings on the screen. Something innovative that LG has come up with is that you can ‘cc’ people while messaging them. Also you could easily push E-mail from a variety of servers like yahoo, hotmail.etc.

The claims of a dual screen UI (viewing two screens at the same time) could be noticed only in the messaging mode. When switched too the landscape mode I could see the message I was typing on one side and on the other side I could see a preview of the message.

This one comes loaded with a 5 megapixel Schneider Kreuznach lens which makes picture taking a pleasant experience. Also for all those who want prettier friends this one has something called the beauty shoot mode, LOL. I wont recommend this one taking pitures under the bright light because then the entire foreground gets totally obliterated. Plus this one isn’t that great when it comes to taking pictures which have a huge palette of colours. The flash is a commendable feature and I could easily say that somehow it manages to throw in more light as compared to the sun… sounds weird but its true.

Now coming to the most mind blowing feature of the chocolate. I was just waiting to experiment with the Media player option of this one. Well it’s the most brilliant experience too actually be watching a movie on the 21:9 TV. The movies played on the media player were pretty much decent. It can easily handle AVI, MP4, DivX and Xvid formats. This one for sure is an awesome PMP and a swish mobile phone as well.

Talking about the applications, this one has a nice set of cool applications which are more than enough to give you company when you are feeling dull and bored. Also the organizer of the Choccolate is pretty much basic and offers the regular stuff like the calculator, to do list, memo functions, multiple alarms etc. to keep you occupied.

However , quite sadly the battery life of the Chocolate is quite poor. The screen is quite vibrant and bright and all of that but that definitely drains a lot of power. Well all I could conjure from this one is that probably LG had to compromise on something to fit everything into such a slim frame, and probably this is the one it decided to compromise on.

Nitty- Gritty: This one’s definitely for all the fashionista’s. Well its got looks, its got the style, its stuffed with more than brilliant features which could have Shania Twain change the lyrics of her song to “ that surely impresses me much”… go ahead give it a shot… if you have the bucks and are on the search for a high end dainty phone then this one is for you.

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