LG is an important name in the mobile phones producer companies. Even though it has not surpassed the well known Nokia, it does its best to remain on the top of the best mobile phone producers and it somehow succeeds.

It does not have so big history, but it somehow, can do amends for the little history it does have. The LG GR500 mobile comes as a predecessor to the Prada like Appeal of LG Vu. However, it is quite updated and given another interface. It uses the QUERTY interface; therefore the successor of the LG Vu is just in the stylish thing, as they do not come provided with the same specifications.

The size of it did not suffer any increase whatsoever and this is a good thing. The corners it comes with are rounded with a chrome border outlining the outside of the phone and provides it with a nice contrast. The blue material it is made out of, feel more durable than the material the Vu used, as it also adds a plus of 3.81 oz. the weight does not matter so much, when one deals with this kind of gadget, as it has almost the same thickness of 0.62” fitting perfectly into your pocket. It is provided with a very good resolution and may you give it the brightness to the highest setting, it will have a very clear screen, even in the direct sunlight. This is what they actually call view quality.

As for the phone log, one can save up to five hundred phone numbers, and it is good to know that one cannot put more details to those phone numbers, rather than two phone numbers at most, a short memo, and an email address. The camera it is provided with it is not such a good thing, as it is the same camera the Vu uses. Apart from the Pros and Cons that one can find regarding this mobile device, one must know that it is as well possible, to use it in your own entertainment. Therefore, this is done just with the help of some games.

In order to get your free lg gr500 mobile games you will have to look further and to find the proper games you want that will come for free. It has a memory of 80 MB with the possibility of increasing it with an SD memory card slot of 16 GB. Therefore, one will be provided with plenty of space to tackle through the games.

Some of the games offered on the internet are Off Road, Grand Theft Auto, Disciples, Prince of Persia, 3D Contr Terrorism, Rolling with Katamari, NBA Pro Basketball, Intense Racing, Nuclear Motocross, Scooter Racer, Turbo Spirit, AceSpeeder, Hugo Black Diamond Fever, Fernando and Hugo, iXion, Tic TAc Boom, Cupids arrow, Future War, Funny Bubble, Hero Peter, Swords of Fury, World League Baseball 08 and some other more.

While these are a part of the games that the internet provides one with, in order to satisfy one’s needs as far as the entertainment use of this phone is concerned, one can add a plus to this phone, and personalize it by adding some accessories.

This way, apart from the games that everyone will have at one’s own needs and that will personalize your phone, there are accessories that will as well provide it with individuality. These are travel charger, plastic cases, hard covers, stylus pen, USB Adapter Charger, Bluetooth headset, cell phone Bluetooth car kit, retractable car charger, USB Data Cable, AC Adapter for car charger, cleaning cloth, earbud covers etc.

Each one of these comes at an extra price. So while for downloading the games, you will not have to pay anything, for purchasing some of these items, you will.

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