In the previous articles we discuss about some really powerful computers where you can play complex video games and have a great and realistic gaming experience. But for a real gamer it isn’t enough just to have a good computer and some nice video games…he will also want to have some gaming accessories.

There are steering wheels for racing games, joysticks for flying simulator games, special chairs made for all sorts of video games, special audio systems and there are even mice and keyboards made especially for enthusiast gamers. And for today we’ll discuss more about a Logitech gaming mouse.

So let’s begin with the one from the image above, which is the gaming mouse G 500. This is a great mouse, with many special features and it can be used for any types of video games, but especially for FPS (first person shooter) games. And this is because those games require a lot of precision and speed when using the mouse. It has onboard memory, weight tuning and adjustable sensitivity so that you can play at your best capacity. The special made gaming grade laser will give you total control no matter if you are moving really slow or making wide moves with the mouse. There are different tuning and settings that you can make to this mouse according to the type of video game you play. And to save your time for tuning the mouse whenever you change the video game, it has onboard memory.

So it saves the settings you make, and whenever you change the game you can simply change the profile of the mouse. Some gamers prefer a lighter mouse while other prefer a heavier one. But no matter which weight you prefer, this Logitech gaming mouse will work just fine for you. And this is because you can modify its weight and add or remove up to 27 grams. It has a dual mode scroll wheel so you get precise click to click scrolling. And this can be really helpful when selecting weapons in first person shooter games. The scrolling is also really fast so you can easily browse through long web pages.

It also has adjustable sensitivity so you can choose from pixel precise targeting (200 dpi) to really fast wide maneuvers (up to 5700 dpi). Besides all of these features, it also has 10 programmable buttons which are located all over its surface, and you can program them exactly as you want, depending on the video game that you are playing. It works with Windows based computers and it can be connected through an USB port. It comes with 3 years of warranty and the package will contain:

Logitech ® Gaming Mouse G500 -Adjustable weight cartridge -Tuning weights and case -CD with Logitech SetPoint software -User guide

Its price is quite big for a mouse, but as you can see this is not just an ordinary mouse. It costs 70 dollars. So here was just an example of a mouse made especially for enthusiast video gamers, but of course there are many other models on the market. In case you know some more that are really cool and worth trying, tell us more about them. And also tell us about the video games you played with that specific mouse, and if it makes a difference or not. Have a nice day!

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