Sum n substance:

Thumbs up: Dark field sensor, durable and sturdy, USB charging, works with other devices of the Logitech unifying family, rechargeable.

Thumbs down: Leaves the lefties in er… left field, $99, the click reverberates through the mouse on a few occasions.

The whiz-kid speaks: Logitech has ventured into a totally new direction with the launch of this one. Always known for coming up with something innovative, Logitech has left no stone unturned in making this one really efficient and atleast from what I see this is probably the best one in the market at the moment. Anyways going ahead with the review.

Razzle-dazzle: Blame Logitech for being partial to the righties with this one. This one with it’s classy design has been engineered in such a way that it would be really uncomfortable for any left hand user to operate it. Anyways going ahead with the review, this one surely has lots to offer in terms of design. The design is unique and nothing like what we have seen before.

A look at the Performance MX and it could actually bring the Revolution MX launched in 2006 to your mind, though there are a few changes which make it a bit more comfortable and usable. Its got four buttons on the side which can be used for navigation of webpages along with a thumb button at the bottom end of the mouse where the thumb is usually seated. Also present is a zoom button below the two side button of the mouse. However, Logitech comes along with a software which lets you change the function of the buttons as per your convenience.

The only teeny-weeny problem I had this one was the placement of the buttons which kind of takes some time to adjust to. In the first few days I used to actually search for the buttons, but yeah later on as time passed by I did get used to it.

Coming to its recharging design, Logitech has come with a few changes here too. Its got a mini USB input at the front of the mouse. You could easily connect it to a powered USB port with the cable that is included in the package. This one is definitely better than the bulky recharging stations that Logitech has been using all this time.

Inside dope: All this while I was blabbering about the design which I am sure sent a few tongues wagging already, but the best part about the Logitech Performance MX is its Darkfield sensor. Now coming to what it is…. Since ages, cursor controllers have dabbled around with the idea of moving the mouse over transparent surfaces, and finally this has been achieved all thanks to Logitech. Now if that isn’t innovation what is??

Though Microsoft had earlier come up with its Blue track sensor which lets you mouse through irregular surfaces, cloth etc, this one from Logitech definitely added something more to the already existing set of features with its Dark-field sensor. The only surface that the Blue track sensor could not track are the transparent surfaces and that’s exactly where Logitech put its money and time in and invented this absolute masterpiece.

I tried testing both the mice on most of the surfaces that the Blue track sensor tracked on and both the mice performed equally well. Though the Logitech one surely came out as a winner in the transparent glass as well as glass frosted from the underside test. I wont say that I tried it on every type of transparent surface, the results may vary but still one thing is for sure, this one will definitely work on all of them.

Coming down to the Logitech unifying USB microrecievers family, this new entrant into the family already has a lot going for it. Being a member of the of the unifying family, the Logitech mouse can work simultaneously with 6 other devices connected to it on the same receiver. Which means that to take an advantage of the unique receiver system, you will have to use the other unifying resources from Logitech like the unifying keyboard.

Also to add to the impressive set of features is the fact that it can be charged while it is being used. One of the problems that I normally face is the changing of the wireless mouse but Logitech has come up with the answer for this one too, because I can charge it using a USB cable connected to the computer even while I am using it.

Nitty- gritty: According to the claims of Microsoft only around 7-8% of people were actually fascinated with the idea of using a mouse on a transparent surface at and the remaining people were satisfied with what its Blue track sensor had to offer. Well, what Microsoft claims actually makes sense atleast if we compare the price tags of both the mice. Logitech comes along with a price tag of $99, as compared to Microsoft at $49. looking from this direction I could say that the price for playing around on a transparent surface is kind of exorbitant, but then I would surley recommend this one to people who are ready to spend for the present A-1 in the market. Its got the best features amongst all its competitors and if only Logitech redues its price, its could be ruling the markets in sometime. Kudos to this transparent technology. Go ahead and get it if you really love your cursor controls.

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