Wading through internet service providers can be a daunting task. Price tends to be a limiting factor in chosing an ISP. Finding cheap internet providers does not mean seeking low quality service. A dial-up, discount internet provider is not a thing of the past even with the advent of DSL and Cable connections. Considering that 50% of the households in the United States do not have Internet access, there may still be a role for the dial-up ISP. Especially when it comes to price, few average users want to dish out $25-$50 dollars a month for high speed access. Doesn’t $10 a month seem much more palatable? The cheap national internet provider is here to stay.

Netzero offers quality Dial Up service for $9.95 a month. I personally have had Netzero service for the last five or six years. The dial-up connection is sufficient for 90% of what I want to do on the Internet. (Yes, I still want high speed access but the budget won’t allow that.)

Netzero’s price is $9.95 every month of the year. This is no $9.95 special and at the end of six months the price goes back up to $22 a month. Simple, low cost Internet Service. Why pay twice as much? Budget internet providers are the way to go.

The Spam Issue

Signing up for service with any of the very large national providers does buy you one thing: SPAM. Yes, I said that right, it BUYS SPAM. There are two main ways SPAM is propogated:

1) A User’s Online Activity 2) A User’s Internet Service Provider

If I decide to sign up for every marketing survey, every newsletter, every free contest on the Internet I can find, I have just guaranteed myself an Inbox full of SPAM. My online behavior determines how much SPAM I will receive. No one can control that except the individual user.

If I sign up with any of the large national providers and DONT DO A THING, I still get SPAM. If I just create an account, and let it sit, and sit and sit…even after only a month I will have an INBOX of SPAM even though I’ve sent my email address to NO ONE! Why is that? Simple really, if you want to get your message out go to where the most people are. A spammer is going to go for the free food at AOL, MSN and YAHOO. Why bother with anything else? They have access to millions and millions of email addresses just with those three companies alone. Test it out. Open a free email account at any one of those services and see what happens. You can count on lots of SPAM. Yes it may be true they have implemented various guards against SPAM etc. But it still gets through.

Again, protect yourself!

I do receive SPAM on my Netzero accounts. I’m not going to tell you I don’t. But relative to the large national providers it is a mere trickle. It really hasn’t been an annoyance at all.

Instead of buying all the fancy tools to protect yourself, get spam protection simply by switching to a better alternative.

So for the price and for the least amount of SPAM possible, choose the best, cheap internet provider Netzero!

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